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Tackling one of the world’s highest growth economies can be exciting but also risky. Foreign multinationals who require speedy deployment of local talent often seek the trusted hands of our Glasford International Russia team. In a complex and pragmatic market, trust and reliability are essential ingredients to long term success and partnership. Glasford International Russia has earned this reputation, consistently over the last decade.

Being the world’s ninth largest economy and a vast territory of natural resources and minerals, the Russian market presents formidable opportunities and challenges for expanding corporations. Thus, the presence of Glasford International Russia, located in the capital city of Moscow with 37 offices around the Russia has been significantly integral to the development and success of many corporations who require executive leaders.

With over 20 permanent active consultants in Moscow and about 150 consultants in its regional offices in Russian cities, Minsk and Kharkov, our Russian team operates from Moscow in all areas of Russia and other republics of CIS. With a diverse team of specialized consultants, we are able to penetrate key industries ranging from Energy, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing and Technology. It is also important that we have bilingual capabilities to deal with local customs, business practices and bridging with international clients.

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ul. Koroviy Val, 7, строен. 1, офис 10, Moscow

Phone: +7 (495) 927-0185