Glasford International Slovenia

Livarska ulica 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

office-tel +386 41 615 741
office-globe Škofljica,Slovenia

Glasford International Slovenia specializes in search and selection of executive personnel and professionals. We provide comprehensive support in search, selection and onboarding of new employees. Our search and selection procedures are based on the latest methods and innovative solutions. All employees have extensive experience in search and selection services as well as human resource management. We are highly committed and passionate about our work, constantly setting ourselves ambitious goals for the future.

Using an in-depth search and selection process, we can help you find candidates who will:

    Meet or even exceed your expectations regarding knowledge, personal characteristics, skills and experience
    Demonstrate above-average efficiency in the shortest possible time,
    Be compatible with your company’s culture, values and philosophy,
    Be the right person for the job and, more importantly, for the specific working environment.


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