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The UK is one of the world’s major trading nations with the fifth largest economy. London is regarded as the business capital of Europe, hosting 40% of the European headquarters of the world’s top 250 companies. London’s dominance is even greater for the non-European giants among these 250 companies – three out of five have chosen London as their base.  The UK is a global financial hub, no other European centre comes close to the size and expertise of our financial services sector, with London rated as the world’s leading financial centre.

The UK boasts a high concentration of skilled workers in a highly mobile working population of over 30 million, based within a small geographical area.  The UK is an acknowledged talent centre for technical intelligence. The high quality of education and significant investment in business technology has resulted in a highly skilled and innovative workforce.

The Glasford UK office is headquartered in London and has consistently provided executive and non-executive search, coaching, assessment and strategic HR consulting results to board members, investors, executives and entrepreneurs since 2001.

Our approach is to build strong, trusted and enduring relationships with people and organisations.  We deliver assignments at board and executive leadership team-level across all functional disciplines and our work has often involved successfully building complete teams.  This is where we aim to be: a true client partner.

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