Professional Services

In the post-war era of the global economy, the business of classic professional services firms experienced a boom as economic and industries scale rapidly. With the demand for regulatory or financial expertise, legal and accounting firms started to blossom, from boutique home practices to major global partnerships that generated multi-million dollar revenue businesses. New professional sectors have also sprouted in recent decades as business practices evolved and adapted to a market driven economy, especially in the advertising and marketing fields.

Technological advances also created new job requirements so quickly that companies could not meet the demand, and instead relied on outsourced expertise. By the 1980s, the knowledge driven economy became highly recognized and multi-million dollar deals were widely struck by strategy, brand and organization consultants.

In today’s economy, there are multi-streams of professional services that exist in both niche and mainstream sectors. Our Glasford professional services team is specialized in understanding and capturing executive talent from the high knowledge intensity workforce.


Law Firms/Legal Services




Management and Board Consulting


Communication Services (Advertising, PR, Marketing)

This Practice Group conducts search assignments that range from CEO and COO, to senior professionals at VP level and higher, in both front- and back-offices, and support functions in finance, risk and human resources.

Clients who have interest in this specific practice group, can either connect directly to the Practice Group Leader, Mr. David Buchberger (, or contact your local Glasford International office for confidential enquiries.